From now on, your smartphone is

also a power quality device!

Poor power quality at the very edge of the distribution grid is a major source of equipment disturbances and even damages electrical devices. Despite this, millions of kilometers of low voltage networks are only sparsely monitored – even today. WeSense™ closes the power quality monitoring gap – by enabling highly accurate yet simple measurements directly at the power outlet.

Using the intelligent WeSense™ USB charger and our app you can convert a regular Android smartphone or tablet into a very price-effective measurement device for basic power quality parameters.

While your mobile device is charging with up to 1,5A*, the grid voltage is analyzed in high resolution based on a 10kHz sample rate. Online visualization and analysis of important parameters is handled by the WeSense™-App.

No matter if you use it in an industrial, office or home environment, stand-alone or in conjunction with our class A PQ-Box devices: WeSense™ provides you with a clear picture of the power quality situation all around you.


Free application for data analysis and viewing


Analysis on multiple devices (coming soon)


Charge the phone while measuring

While your mobile device is charging, the network voltage can be analyzed at high resolution with a sampling frequency of 10 kHz. The online visualization and analysis of the data is performed automatically by the WeSense™ Application.

You can use it in industrial facilities, at home, in the office or alone or in other PQ-Box devices: WeSense™ takes a clear picture of power quality problems wherever you are.

“Designed with the low voltage grid in mind,

EN 50160 threshold comprasion.”

Live View

  • Voltage
  • Grid frequency
  • Harmonics

PQ Monitoring

  • Dip, swell, interrupt detection
  • Harmonics assessment
  • PQ Event List

Long Term Data

  • 10 kHz sample rate
  • High accuracy – no compromises
  • Measurement data is saved on the device

Optional Cloud Connectivity (upcoming)

Monitor Power Quality

Where it really matters – near the connection point of your dives

For Everyone

Elegant and intuitive smartphone user interface

Quick Diagnosis

Jump-start your PQ investigation – simply connect and learn


Efficient entry into the world of power quality

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