Low Voltage Regulation System

  • Independent regulation of three-phase voltage
  • Single or three phase voltage regulation
  • Outdoor, indoor and pole lorry installation
  • Increases of single-phase short circuit power
  • Voltage regulation from 7.5 kVA to 3150 kVA in regional and industrial networks
  • Rated voltage regulation range from ± 6% to ± 24%
  • Less than 30 ms reaction time
  • Compliance with TT / TNC-C / TNC-S / IT networks
  • Does not cause disturbance to the grid

Voltage fluctuations occurring in low voltage networks according to EN 50160 Standard  permitted up to ± 10% of the rated voltage level. The fluctuations in the network voltage reduce the efficiency and service life of the equipment used. The optimum operating voltages of the equipment used are the rated network voltage. In mains voltage, fast and cost-effective solution to the fluctuations is The LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System.

LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System has a linear regulator structure. By changing the transfer rates of the two selected transformers, the output voltage is regulated according to the system requests in 9 different steps.


For voltage regulation at 8% (2% interval) and 10% (at 2.5% interval), in the table below can be developed according to the transfer rates.


The thyristors in the structure of LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System switched under optimum conditions. In this way, current fluctuations, voltage collapses and harmonics in the network will be eliminated.

The LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System activate when the voltage profile exceeds the permissible tolerance band and regulates the voltage profile.


The LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System use in low voltage networks regulates the voltage profile and provides optimum voltage to consumer equipment. In this way, it is possible to operate the equipment with maximum efficiency.

LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System is used for many applications in low voltage network.

  • Current flow is measured for regulate the voltage drops in the lines and network empedans is considered.
  • Each phase is regulated independently, ın this way voltage imbalances are eliminated and the efficiency of system equipment is increased.
  • The phase to ground short-circuit current at far points of the low-voltage network is low. In such cases, a phase to ground short-circuit failure may occur immediate protection equipment may not detect the fault. and may it not perform the task. LVRSys Low Voltage Regulation System increases the short circuit power by approximately 65% at the port and such negative effects can be avoided.
  • High resistance to over voltages, direct and indirect lightning strikes
  • Twenty billions of switches
  • Short circuit proofed up to 50 kA
  • Common connection via NH-switch disconnector
  • Fully encapsulated system for maximum touch protection
  • Installation as a cable distribution cabinet
  • Adjustable response time of the controller < 30 ms up to 100 s
  • Adaption of the control algorithms to different applications
  • Performing voltage control at any point or according to the end consumer
  • Existing fuse concept can be maintained
  • No grid interference, causes no flicker or harmonics
  • Balancing of the voltage via phase-independent regulation
  • Interruption-free power supply guaranteed (Automatic Bypass)
  • High efficiency
  • Operation temperature -40 °C up to +45 °C ambient temperature
  • Passive cooling even in direct sunlight
  • Electronics moisture-proof housed in the internal control cabinet (IP66)
  • Data export via USB-Stick in e. g. MS Excel
  • Firmware update via USB-Stick or SCADA Systems
  • Common communication interfaces Modbus TCP, IEC 60870-5-104

Standard Type Cabinet

The standard type cabinet is made with composite or aluminum material. The installation is very simple and the connection of switching equipment is easy.

User-Specific Cabinet

It is a cabinet manufactured according to the user's special requirements. The installation is very simple and the connection of switching equipment is easy.

Pole Lorry Cabinet

It has a special structure developed for the provision of institutions on the pole.

Cabinet for Indoor Applications

The cabinet developed for closed applications has optimum dimensions and a modular structure.

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