Breakdown Voltage Sensor

  • Easy integration into transformers
  • Measurement of oil temperature
  • Measurement of oil moisture level
  • Calculation of oil breakdown voltage

Transformers are the main equipment used in power systems. Failures in transformers severely losses economic and time. You must be checked continuously the breakdown voltages, oil temperatures and the humidity level of the oil to increase the operational performance of the transformers. You must be taken oil sample to measure the breakdown voltage of the transformers in operation. Taking the oil sample will cause humidity in the transformer oil.


With the unique structure and sensitive sensors of TrafoStick™ can be continuously measured the breakdown voltage of the transformer oil, oil temperature and humidity level of the transformer oil without affecting the ambient conditions. The measured values ​​can be monitored instantly with communication protocols by user such as Modbus-TCP. In this way the operational performance of the transformers increased and loses of working capacity and economic reduced.

Data Sheet