Three Phase Test Transformer


What does a three-phase test transformer provide you?

  • Design according to basic transformer tests for determination of parameter values
  • Possibility to obtain many conversion rates thanks to the removed intermediate ends in primary and secondary windings
  • Ability to make connection group and phase angle shift experiments with star, triangle and zigzag connections
  • Easily moveable modular construction with optional wheels
  • Low heating rate in long-term operating conditions due to ventilation ducts
  • Maximum degree of security with phase winding connecting terminals with different colors of sockets

’Let’s do it for you.‘

Technical Specifications

  • Power: Up to 10 kVA *
  • Voltage: 22-44-110-230-400-660V *
  • Short Circuit Voltage:% 2-6
  • Connection group: Star, triangle, zigzag
  • Special connection group: Polygon, extended

* If the characteristics of the primary and secondary windings of each phase are specified,such as the number of cable outlet and voltage levels, we special productions are realized.