PD Annunciator™

Partial Discharge Alarm System

  • TEV, Acoustic & HFCT sensor technologies
  • Easy to install and use
  • Modbus connection with RS485
  • Local USB connectivity
  • Single or multi-module installation

Remotely detect partial discharge activity inside any energised cabinet using PD Annunciator™ system. Probes are installed on the unit under test and will give instant status thus preventing long term damage to your switchgear equipment. Its unique design allows simultaneous TEV and Acoustic detection for optimized results. The flexible sensor’s unique design allows for combined directional airborne acoustic and TEV detection.

The PD Annunciator™ module is equipped with fast VHF/UHF PD detection circuitry, that TEV type measurements take advantage of. It also has a highly sensitive ultrasonic detection circuitry yielding efficient results. Software algorithms are used to discriminate partial discharge from ambient noise. Multiple PD Annunciator™ modules can be daisy-chained thus enabling PD detection on many cabinets at the same time.


The SonoTEV™ sensor is installed directly on the cabinet metallic surface. Its unique design allows for VHF signals detection produced by partial discharge activity within the cabinet enclosure using a capacitive coupling technology.

HFCT-20HD™ Sensor

When paired with the PD Annunciator™ system, the HFCT-20HD™ sensor detects small currents produced by partial discharge activity.


PD Annunciator™ Software

The PD Annunciator™ software allows for easy configuration of the many available settings such as PD level threshold and alarm conditions. Its graphic inter- face is designed for better diagnosis of partial discharge activity in your electrical apparatus such as switchgear cabinets.

Data Sheet
User Manual