Partial Discharge Detection and
Localization System for Power Transformers

The AE-150 ™ has been developed for the purpose of the detection and determining discharge position of the partial discharge events occurring in the power transformers by evaluating the signals from the acoustic and electrical sensors.

PD Annunciator™

Partial Discharge Alarm System

PD Annunciator ™ is a partial discharge monitoring and warning system with a unique design. The main module has three monitoring channels and the information required by the system is obtained with TEV, Acoustic or HFCT sensors connected to each channel.


Partial Discharge Detection Device
for Medium Voltage Surge Arresters

ADD ™ enables the detection of partial discharges in medium voltage network components such as surge arresters, dry-type transformers, bushings and isolators.


Partial Discharge Detection Device

PD-LT ™ is use for the purpose of determining partial discharges for maintenance and safety purposes in overhead network components such as cable headers, insulators, bushings.


Online Partial Discharge Scanner

PDS ™ is use for the purpose of detection of partial discharges events occurring in cables for safety and maintenance purposes.


Ultrasonic Corona & Arc Detection Device

ULD-40 ™ is a device designed to detect corona events and arcs occurring in the electricity grid. It is a cost-effective solution that can be used within the scope of preventive maintenance works with additional accessories.


Partial Discharge Monitoring and Recording System

XDP-II ™ is a partial discharge detection and analysis device, that is supplied with internal battery. When XDP-II ™ used with appropriate accessories; such as cable joint points, metal frame cells, transformers are used for the purpose of detection of partial discharges events occurring in applications .