Expert Partial Discharge Detector

General combo XDP-II
  • Several display modes for on-site real time analysis and diagnostic
  • Easy to use, Portable and Battery operated
  • pC and dB value display
  • Up to 7.5 hours autonomy
  • Saves the waveform and edge of PD in its memory with the date and time
  • Network phase synchronization
  • Ultra-versatile instrument

The well-established XDP-II™ is a battery-operated portable device allowing Partial Discharge detection and analysis. The data is saved in its internal memory for local or further analysis on the PC-based XDP-SOFT™. Paired with the proper accessories, the XDP-II™ becomes a powerful solution for many applications such as cable Joints and elbows, switchgear, offline, acoustic, TEV, rotating machines, transformer, etc…

Corona Effect Detection

Partial discharge activity, electrical arcs in the air and corona effects emits sounds and ultrasounds. The role of the XDP-II™ consists of capturing emitted ultrasounds and to display the result on its LCD screen with a dB reading. The XDP-II™ accurately pinpoints and identifies partial discharge, corona effects and arcs that may be encountered on any type of high voltage installation simply by scanning around the suspected area. The parabolic sensor enables the user to pinpoint electrical defects from a long distance.


Ground Return PD Detection

The HFCT-20™ and HFCT-60™ are high frequency current transformer sensors designed for partial discharge detection on electric apparatus’ ground returns. Made from superior quality materials, they are made to last in any environment. The HFCT™ clamps are intended to be used with the AE-150™ for partial discharge localisation, or with the XDP-II™ (or XDP-II-LT™) for quick partial discharge detection and analysis. The HFCT™ clamps allow current measurement up to a frequency of 100MHz. Their chassis are made of high quality plastic, offering an excellent sturdiness to abrasion and mechanical impacts making it the ideal tool for on-site applications. Its exclusive internal design provides an exceptional shielding to high frequency interferences from nearby electrical fields. These sensors are ideal for partial discharge measurements on ground returns of shielded cables. When used with portable partial discharge detection instruments, they allows knowing insulation integrity thus avoiding costly faults.

Metal Clad

Medium voltage metal clad switchgears are easily investigated with the XDP-II™ and its accessories. The XDP-II-016™ probe allows easy TEV (Transient Earth Voltage) detection on the surface of the metal cabinet. The XDP-II-406™ acoustic probe allows easy ultrasound detection that reveals the presence of partial discharge in switchgear cabinets. Simply install the magnetically held probe on the metallic surface of the cabinet for instant reading results on the XDPII™ display. Use the unique Bi-Phase coupler to connect the XDP-II™ to the Voltage Indicator System (VIS or VPIS) for synchronized partial discharge detection. This technique allows a high noise rejection thus helping the operator taking the right decisions.


Extruded Cable Joint and Elbow

The well-established XDP-II™ PD measuring system is the heart of this cutting edge diagnosis kit. It allows quick measuring, simplicity of use, graphic display of the signal while staying portable. The XDP-II™ is used with its unique peak angle mode that displays the PD level with the network’s phase synchronisation. The embedded speaker allows the user to quickly determine the presence of Partial Discharge in the equipment under test.


Network Phase Synchronization

The XDP-II™ partial discharge detector is available with the XDP-II-017™ network phase synchronization module. This wireless module transmits a reference signal to the XDP-II™ thus allowing phase synchronization for a better noise attenuation. Noise attenuation always brings a great challenge when trying to identify partial discharge in any electrical apparatus. ndb Technologies developed a unique feature in order to help the operator making the right decision. For direct connection, the XDPII-017 module is used on a standard wall plug while. For XDP-II-017IND module is installed directly on the MV cable to test for wireless inductive synchronization. Network phase synchronization is intended for TEV testing, acoustic testing, HFCT™ testing, splice and elbow testing, etc…

XDP-II-053 - 002 1920x10801

Offline Partial Discharge Testing

Looking for a simple and effective portable offline partial discharge kit?

This Partial Discharge measuring kit provides you with the easiest way to measure PD in a variety of MV/HV equipment such as transformers, cables, arrestors, couplers, etc… Partial Discharge diagnosis has been established as the most convincing technique for the evaluation of the insulation quality of MV/HV apparatus. Design, manufacturing or handling problems can be quickly identified using Partial Discharge testing and then improve design, network reliability and reduce operation cost by installing reliable components. Also included in the kit is our new design of the Capacitive Coupler where the integrator module is now embedded. Its refreshed design is not only good looking, it is also well made with high quality materials for years and years of service. Also included are a 200pC calibrator module, an AC line filter, high voltage cables and connectors and all other necessary tools.

XDP-SOFT™ Expert Diagnostic PC Software

Ölçüm sonuçları XDP-SOFT™ yazılımı ile bir kişisel bilgisayara aktarılıp saklanabilir. Kullanıcı dostu ara yüzü ile XDP-SOFT™, yapılan ölçümün kayıtlarının görsel olarak izlenmesine ve değerlendirilmesine olanak sağlamaktadır.


  • Allows transferring the recorded PD waveforms from the XDP-II™ to a PC computer
  • Allows easy management of the recording (sorting by columns, graphic display of the waveform, add comments to the record, etc…)
  • Allows listening to the recording audio thus helping identifying PD from noise
  • Compatible with any Windows based computer
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