Power Quality Analyzer

  • Optional  40,96/10.24 kHZ sampling frequency
  • According to IEC 61000-4-30 (CLASS A)
  • Four voltage and optional five current input
  • Optional residual current measurement
  • Free software WinPQLite
  • Temperature measurement with external temperature sensors

  • 1 GB internal memory (up to 32GB with SD card)
  • IP 54 protection
  • 5-inch colour display
  • 8 digital input and 4 digital output 
  • MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, IEC60870-5-140 ve IEC61850 comunication

Today, is coming to the fore energy efficiency. The A-eberle PQI-DE power quality analyzer provides solutions for all voltage levels in terms of energy efficiency and power quality problems. Thanks to its high sampling frequency, it can measure the negative conditions that may occur in the power system and  long-time can record data with expandable memory .

A-eberle The PQI-DE power quality analyzer have a 5-inch large color display and a user-friendly structure thanks to its easy-to-understand interface.

The basic electrical parameters such as voltage, current, power and cosϕ, as well as total harmonic distortion, energy, maximum current at end of day, oscilloscope and 10 ms RMS recording values can be continuously monitored for power quality events.


With 8 binary inputs,  can be triggered, the device can be started or stopped. 4 binary outputs provide protection or alarm signal output. In addition, temperature values can be monitored by the value of residual current and temperature sensors PT 100 or PT 1000.


A-eberle The PQI-DE power quality analyzer offers system data in an easy and understandable way to users thanks to the free WİNPQ Lite software. When a power quality event occurs, it provides an in-depth examination of the event that occurs with oscilloscope data.

Data Sheet
User Manual