Current Transformer Testers

CTTx5 instrument 005 küçük
  • All tests are performed in automatic sequence
  • High resolution color display
  • Large internal memory
CTTx5 instrument 005 küçük
  • Rugged design to meet the most demanding field testing environments
  • Full QWERTY keypad for easy data entry

The CTTx2™ & CTTx5™ are rugged and easy to use current transformer testers, that offer automatic & manual testing modes. These instruments are designed to deliver fast and reliable measurements.

The CTT™ will test the current transformer ratio, phase shift, polarity, excitation, saturation, winding resistance and insulation resistance using the voltage method in compliance with ANSI/IEEE C57.13.1 & IEC 60044-1 standards, where voltage is applied to the secondary X terminals of the current transformer. The CTT™ burden test injects a current into the secondary loop to verify the integrity of the current circuit and to determine its impedance & VA. This information is required to insure the CT™ will perform under all circumstances. The CTT™ can also test the ratio, polarity, phase shift, winding resistance & insulation resistance of voltage transformers.

WRT field3

Standard Accessories

  • X test leads (20ft / 6m)
  • H test leads (35ft / 10m)
  • Burden test leads (18ft / 5m)
  • Ground lead (15ft / 4.5m)
  • Main input power cord
  • Serial communication cable
  • USB communication cable
  • Spare rolls of printer paper
  • CD with Report Manager software
  • User manual
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CTTx5 instrument 003küçük

Optional Equipment

  • CTT™ shipping case
  • CTT™ printer paper roll
  • Specific custom made test clips
  • Specific custom length test leads
CTTx5 cable CTT-VX5
Data Sheet
User Manual