Partial Discharge Detection

and Localization System

for Power Transformers

AE-150arka fonsuz
  • Mirador-Tx software allows automatic configuration and 3D positioning
  • Easy to install and use
  • Average battery life of 8 hours with internal battery
  • Remote measurement and monitoring through wireless communication
  • Portable structure
  • Resistant to stringent environmental conditions

Power transformers are critical to transmission and distribution substations. In fact, losing a unit can have major financial consequences.

To protect your investment, use Acoustic Emission Testing. This technique is superior to electric methods for on-site testing. The AE-150™ detects and locates partial discharges in power transformers by analyzing ultrasonic waves produced by electrical insulation breakdowns or high heat.

The instrument is installed on the transformer using the integrated magnetic mounting system. This features provides an easy way of moving the AE-150™ to survey the entire transformer.

Setup overview

The information from the sensor is evaluated using the Mirador-Tx software, which incorporates advanced positioning functions.

While performing the test, all four acoustic sensors and electric sensor will receive a signal with from the partial discharge source. The software algorithms will make the correlation between those signals by using the arriving delays in order to draw a vector in the tank’s representation.

After performing the test at multiple localizations on the tank, a few vectors will start to cross. This crossing section represents the partial discharge localization position.

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