GENETEK’s vision is to provide solutions to businesses operating in all areas of industry based on scientific methods for problems in their area of expertise, assisting our customers to create new and competitive products using the latest technology and become the most sought for firm in our area of expertise by ensuring customer satisfaction.


Today, the rapid development of technology, caused end-users to put more emphasis on the concepts of electricity quality and efficiency. GENETEK’s mission consist of every improvement and development effort which will increase the competitiveness of companies and provide a more efficient use of resources.


GENETEK’s aim is to create value to our country by providing technology to the industrialists through university-industry co-operation.


All of our activities which contain “measurement and analysis of electrical energy ve education” carry out according to following necessity;

ISO 9001 Quality Management System,

ISO 14001 Environment Management System

OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System